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Hair Loss Journey

Hair Loss Journey

My hair, which has thinned and fallen out intermittently since I first started having children, started to go again and stress definitely makes this worse.

By the beginning of autumn I felt deeply stressed and exhausted. My mum died in the summer, I have three demanding boys aged between 11 and 16, a partner who works away a lot and a house build going on. Oh yes, and I’m also going through the peri-menopause.

So on 7 October I booked an appointment with Sara G Allison at Hair Today More Tomorrow, after a friend spotted her posts on Facebook. The process is incredibly easy as her office arrange for bloods to be taken by a qualified nurse who comes to the house, before they are sent to the Harley Street laboratory. The results are ready within 48 hours. I imagined a couple of weeks at least.

The bloods were followed up by a consultation with Sara at her Epping practice; one of her satellites and conveniently the nearest to where I live in Colchester, Essex. She examined my hair and discussed my lifestyle in depth, from what I eat to my health, going right back to my 20s.

It was really good to have such thorough blood tests as they revealed that I am suffering from extremely low levels of Vitamin D (lower than most people with a deficiency even) iron, B12 and I have a questionable thyroid imbalance. All this explains why I am always tired, despite my healthy lifestyle. Your hair reveals so much about your general health it seems, although Sara made me feel better by saying that she didn’t think the hair loss was as bad as I thought.

From then on I started taking the recommended Hair Today More Tomorrow supplements – Multi & Omegas and a high dose of Hair Today More Tomorrow’s iron complex and Vitamin D complex.

Sara also recommended taking regular warm baths with Epsom salts for relaxation with the added benefit of the absorption of magnesium (good for alleviating chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia). She also advised some meditation to help me feel less stressed in general.

The Hair or Scalp Serum and Stimulating Shampoo are great to use, as they seem gentle but with noticeable results: my hair is less frizzy and far shinier. In fact, my hair seemed noticeably better last month, although Sara advised it could take up to six months to show an improvement. It has even started to grow back at front of temples. I’m elated!

The biggest immediate change that I have noticed has come from eating organic red meat on a regular basis and thinking much more about nutrition. My energy levels have definitely been boosted by this recommendation, which gets the iron into the blood stream quicker than anything else. I feel much less tired and have started to make an effort to meditate and do more for myself (e.g. taking long baths without interruption, exercising etc.).

Sara has an interesting theory on grey hair too; it seems you can combat this via nutrition and de-stressing. Not a bad incentive to eat better and be more relaxed.

So, now Christmas is coming and my house is still turned upside down and filled with dust! But I’ll report back next month with more details on my health and my hair. I’m hopeful it will be as positive and rewarding as this month has been.

Maria Fernandez.



An initial blood test conducted by qualified nurses from the comfort of the patient’s home is followed by:

• A face-to-face meeting with Sara which includes an examination.

• An explanation of the prognosis, diagnosis, causes and treatments.

• A customised treatment plan and relevant information which will be emailed to the patient within two working days of the consultation.

• Long-term support via email or telephone as the treatment plan is implemented.

The consultation service including blood tests is available now and is currently available at a promotional offer of £497 inclusive.* To book, call 020 7299 0383 or visit https://

Includes nationwide nurse home visit for blood testing service which is valued at £650 for this service alone.

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