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Why does Hair Loss happen?

Why does Hair Loss happen?

Hair loss is an issue which affects many women. In fact, in a recent poll by ITV’s Loose Women 91% of women said they were worried about it.

Why does hair loss happen in women? Truth is there are many reasons including:

A lack of protein.

Protein makes up approximately 80-90% of the hair shaft so a balanced diet, which contains a lot of protein is crucial in maintaining healthy, strong hair as not getting enough can result in hair loss.

Good sources of protein include lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish.  Salmon in particular has the added benefit of containing Omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce joint inflammation and help maintain a healthy heart. Meat aside, foods such as tofu, eggs, nuts, beans and pulses are also good sources of protein so be sure to add these to your plate or as a snack.

A lack of nutrients.

Despite our best efforts, it is almost impossible to get all of the nutrients needed for luscious locks through our meals alone. Taking supplements is a great way of ensuring your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs, however they are not formulated to help thinning hair and hair loss.

A specific combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, co-enzyme Q10, lutein and so on is needed to treat hair loss and thinning hair so I have created my very own supplement Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas to not only benefit your hair, but improve the health of your skin and nails.

A lack of fluids.

We should all aim to drink two litres of fluids a day, and while we know that this can be difficult, if you are dehydrated it will show through your hair. The thought of drinking two litres of water may be daunting; but you can mix it up a little using alternative drinks such as green and herbal teas.

Caffeinated favourites such as your everyday breakfast tea and coffee are, unfortunately, not as hydrating because they increase the amount of water your body uses. Drinking the recommended amount of daily fluids will not only make your hair healthy, it will also help your skin become more hydrated and glowing too.

If hair loss is a real concern to you, why not give us a call to book a consultation to see how we can help restore your hair to its former glory.

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