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Hair Loss Journey Part 4 

Hair Loss Journey Part 4 

It has been three months since my last blog post and in that time, I have met with Sara at her Harley Street clinic to review how my treatment plan is working and to see the results to date. In my consultation, I was able to see just how much regrowth I have had, particularly at the front hairline and centre parting which is really pleasing to me as I feel this is an area that I am quite self-conscious about. 

This is a great achievement especially considering my thyroid levels have risen from borderline to a level that Sara deems to be too high, and she has said that this is likely due to the high amounts of stress that I have been feeling. I have however, seen the nutritional levels in my blood increasing, although they are still not where Sara would like them to be.

I am really pleased with the results so far but have to admit that I have not been taking the full dose of Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas or Iron Complex and Sara has advised that this is why my blood levels although improved are not completely what I should be aiming for. I will ensure that I take the recommended dose from now on and hope to see even greater improvements by my next appointment with Sara in the autumn.

One thing I am finding very easy to attain is my Vitamin D with this gorgeous weather we have been enjoying. Sara recommended having 20 minutes of sun on my bare skin between 10am – 3pm whenever possible which I have been doing before putting on some suncream. This warmer weather and the thoughts of summer holidays and my wedding in New York are helping with my stress levels too which is something I need to continue to manage. I am also practicing mindfulness and meditation, and I am going to be taking some nice long soaks with some Epsom bath salt.

Overall, I am feeling encouraged by the results I received at my review meeting and it has given me a much needed boost and the drive to be much more diligent about following my treatment plan. I am looking forward to seeing what hair regrowth and energy boosts I enjoy over the next few weeks and months and will report back after my next review meeting in autumn.

Maria Fernandez.

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