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Hair Loss Journey Part Three

Hair Loss Journey Part Three

Guest blog by Maria Fernandez.

So, since my last blog the dramatic weather has taken over as the not-so hot topic and meant that my concerns over hair loss have been literally obscured as my hair has been covered with a hat pretty much all the time! But the sun has started to shine recently which can only be a good thing! I’ve still got the builders in and living in semi-chaos without a kitchen has made it hard to maintain a healthy eating regime. I’ve had to stop my yoga course due to an overload of work/life balance but I still continue to practice it as often as I can at home.

But elsewhere things are brighter. I can definitely see hair growth at my temples, particularly on the left side of my head. But I will wait for Sara to officially confirm this at my consultation next month.I’m going to her Harley Street practice this time instead of the Epping satellite, and it’s great to have the option of two venues within an hour or so of home.

My partner of 25 years asked me to marry him on my 50th birthday in December and after much consideration we’ve decided to tie the knot at Central Park in New York! Very exciting news and of course this is inspiration to keep looking after myself, following Sara’s professional trichologist recommendations and to have better hair for those wedding photographs.

I’m also looking forward to summer and the natural vitamin D that my hair and body can get from the sun’s rays, but I continue to eat organic red meat at least twice a week, drink two litres of water, as well as the prescribed Hair Today More Tomorrow supplements  – Multi & Omegas along with daily doses of their Iron Complex and Vitamin D Complex.

I’ll report back from my consultation in April and hope to have more good news to share with you.

Maria Fernandez.

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• An explanation of the prognosis, diagnosis, causes and treatments.

• A customised treatment plan and relevant information which will be emailed to the patient within two working days of the consultation.

• Long-term support via email or telephone as the treatment plan is implemented.

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