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7 Secrets to Stop Thinning Hair

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Hold on to your hair


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Diet & stress mean one in three of us are losing our hair

Stress and extreme dieting have been blamed for the current hair loss epidemic- recent statistics say one in three women over 25 are losing it. the body sees hair as non-essential so if you reduce calories it’ll divert nutrient away from it accordingly.

“Dieting may mean you’re not taking in enough food to get the nutrients for a proper hair growth, so the problem multiplies.” says Trichologist Sara G Allison “To reverse things you need protein- just a small portion three times a day.” To promote hair growth you also need vitamins and minerals, so the amount of ruit, veg and wholegrains you eat hepls. Get an extra boost from  a multivit formulated for hair growth such as Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas 


But what if you don’t think weight loss is behind your hair loss?…


Stress is often a trigger for hair loss. “Hair is shed early, so more falls out at any given time than should,” says Sara. Stress-induced hair loss normally starts about three months after stress begins and will stop three to four months after it is resolved.

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