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New Food Intolerance Test – Find out which trigger foods are causing health issues

New Food Intolerance Test – Find out which trigger foods are causing health issues

I’ve just launched a new Food Intolerance Test which is available to book online priced at £247. Food intolerances, often confused with food allergies, are harder to diagnose as symptoms aren’t caused by the immune system but by the digestive system. Typical health problems may include bloating, skin conditions, hair loss and stomach cramps.

Food intolerances cause gut dysfunction which makes it more difficult to absorb all the nutrients from one’s diet, and in particular, zinc, iron and proteins – all of which are important in hair, skin and the rest of the body’s health. Food intolerances can cause inflammation of the hair follicles in the scalp and are therefore associated with hair loss as a result. They can also provoke skin conditions such as acne, eczema, ageing skin, psoriasis, and rosacea.

As it is possible to be intolerant to several different foods, pinpointing which foods are causing the problem can be difficult. Hair Today More Tomorrow’s new Food Intolerance Test checks 134 different foods and drink including grains and staples, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans, dairy and eggs, herbs, spices and oils, meat and fish and protein supplements. It tests foods individually rather than being grouped together with similar foods so the client receives the most accurate results possible and knows exactly what they need to remove, replace, repair and reinoculate from their diet and their guts.

Hair Today More Tomorrow’s Food Intolerance Test is an easy to use at home kit which includes:

* Convenient finger prick blood collection on a wand (only 3-5 drops required)

* Accuracy of testing antigens (substance capable of stimulating an immune response) from the European Medicines Association approved suppliers

* 134 foods and drinks are tested individually, with no food mixtures or grouping together

* Scale of reactivity grades reaction levels from 0 – 5, rather than just ‘positive’ or ‘negative’

* A 12 page report which includes an explanation of how long each individual ‘trigger’ needs to be eliminated for – this can vary from no action needed to 5 months and then advice on how to reintroduce these trigger foods to one’s diet

* Results within three working days

This accuracy means we minimise the number of foods you need to give up and usually means for a shorter time too! 

Hair Today More Tomorrow’s Food Intolerance Test costs £247. Postage and packaging is £4.50 if booked online or free when ordered by phone or email. A first class pre-paid envelope is included for the client to post the test back to the laboratory. For more information and to order, please call 020 7299 0383, email or visit this page

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