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Iron Complex
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Iron Complex


Good iron stores in our cells are vital for normal hair growth, however the majority of menstruating women who have any hair issues have low levels of this essential mineral and require more than is possible to obtain from any Multi vitamin alone.

Through years of research Sara has seen that many women have painfully long struggles to increase their iron levels and many never manage to achieve the level proven necessary for optimal hair growth. In fact many have real digestive problems taking the iron supplements that are currently available.

Unfortunately the majority of iron supplements available are very difficult to absorb and often cause unpleasant side effects, this is not only because of the cheap type of iron that is used but also they typically come in tablet form which contain many harmful additives such as binders, fillers, colourings excipients, disintegrates and diluents. You also need to avoid povidone (PVP) cellulose and modified starches and sometimes all these detrimental additives can make up to 85% of the actual pill. Therefore always choose capsules rather than tablets as the latter come in an impenetrable shell which is harder to digest. The purer the ingredients the better your results. Which is why Sara not only always uses capsules but pure and highest quality ingredients.


Product Description

Sara created Hair Today More Tomorrow, Iron Complex using the highly bioavailable Iron Bisglycinate combined with other nutrients such as L-Lysine, vitamin C and vitamin B12 which all work in synergy “This has superior bioavailability than others, yet also gentler on your digestive system. I’ve been monitoring my clients blood results over 20 years on various other commonly used iron formulations, so with my own formulation Iron Complex it’s incredibly impressive for me to witness the increased speed that their ferritin levels improve and hence seeing benefits in their hair sooner too.”

Therefore these are perfect for women that struggle with hair issues due to low ferritin or iron. For best results take alongside her award winning Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas.

  • 3 months supply – 90 capsules
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Kosher Certified

For more information about why iron is necessary click to read Sara’s blog. 

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