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Multis & Omegas
Beauty-Shortlist-awards-EDITORS-CHOICE-WINNER-2017-made in britain. jpegpure-beautyBeauty Shortlist Awards - Editors Choice 2018

Multi & Omegas


Best New Hair Care Product at the Prestigious Pure Beauty Awards 2016

Beauty Shortlist Award, Editors Choice Winner 2017 AND 2018

Multi & Omegas offer all the vitamins, minerals, and omegas required to promote healthy hair growth, radiant skin, strong nails, increased energy, and more

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Product Description

Best New Hair Care Product, Pure Beauty Awards 2016

Beauty Shortlist Award, Editors Choice Winner 2017 AND 2018


World leading Harley Street Trichologist, Sara G. Allison, has helped thousands of women regrow their thinning hair and regain their confidence, beauty, and vitality. Rather than being forced to recommend multiple brands of costly, confusing, and poor quality nutritional supplements, Sara created her own superior single supplement. Her Multi & Omegas offer all the vitamins, minerals, and omegas required to promote healthy hair growth, radiant skin, strong nails, increased energy, and more, in one place. It has all of the anti-ageing properties to make you look, feel, and stay healthy.


open-quoteMy greatest ingredient in Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas is Aronia Berry, this is a food that contains the highest levels of Anthocyanidins. It’s other name is chokeberry because it’s so bitter tasting that you really wouldn’t want to eat them in your diet. This is therefore a perfect way to obtain their goodness.


Anthocyanidins (PCOs) are powerful antioxidants and highly active plant pigments that are able to repair collagen throughout the body. Collagen is a protein therefore the aronia berry & the other anti-oxidants such as white tea powder extract, rose hip extract and others can help repair & support protein structures including collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and forms connective fibres in tissues such as skin, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and capillaries. There is 98% Anthocyanidins in the organic aronia berry that we use.


Another unusual ‘nutrient’ in the formulation is probiotics which help to improve gut function and ability to absorb the nutrients. Our Advanced  Formula supplement is made using the highest quality available, utilising the finest and most effective DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium available anywhere in the world. Proven to survive and according to trials is the only known strain of probiotic to survive the entire digestive tract – specifically it has been shown to survive the stomach and make it through to the gut where it is then absorbed into the body. Uncoated and natural Many other brands use gimmicks like coating the powder in oil or adding other agents to the product to try and help it survive the harsh conditions of the stomach. Our strain survives naturally without additives. It has been tested against gut organisms that have been a part of gastrointestinal systems for millennia and showed that (unlike other probiotic strains) it was allowed not only to survive but to further develop and reproduce in the gut.


Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas also contain white tea extract with is superior to green tea as it’s harvested at a young age when the levels of anti-oxidants and catechins are highest.


The only other things that are imperative to mention is most beauty pills & nutritional supplements contain unnecessary additives such as binders, fillers, colourings, excipients, disintegrates and diluents instead of pure active ingredients, look out for and avoid Povidone (PVP) Cellulose, Stearic acid, Magnesium Stearate & modified starches. Sometimes all these additives can make up to 85% of the actual pill.


Also avoid tablets rather than capsules as tablets case the ingredients in an impenetrable shell which are difficult to digest. All of Hair Today More Tomorrow supplements are capsules, pure and free of from undesirables, which leaves room to jam pack them full of highest quality nutrients. The purer the ingredient the better the result!


I can’t go into details of ALL the 35 different nutrients contained in my Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas as it would be extremely lengthy, just be assured that you wouldn’t be able to get the same results simply by taking some of these nutrients as you need to take this complete product. They all work in synergy together and are the highest quality and most bioavailable nutrients and this supplement has proven time and time again to produce desirable results.  close-quote

Multi & Omegas Information Leaflet

Sara G. Allison

open-quote A great product and one of the future beauty trends to look out for. close-quote

open-quote It's all you need. close-quote

open-quote Hair boosting nutritional supplements help with inside-out hair thickening. Great results with Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote When the balance of male / female hormones goes out of whack during menopause, try Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote “Health supplements are often the hardest awards entries to evaluate which is why we insist on a 6-month window for all our testing.  Not only did the judges see a difference in their hair strength, gloss factor and overall volume quite quickly, it was when (in some cases) their hairdressers remarked on how much healthier their hair looked, that it really sealed the deal” Judge’s comment - 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards “Really loved this supplement. Full of ingredients to nourish the hair and skin. The amazing thing for me, though, was that it left my hairdresser commenting on thick and healthy my hair was – it even fixed the broken hair I had had for years. Amazing.”  “People from all over the world come to see top London trichologist Sara G. Allison, so it’s great that her non-prescription, multi-pronged, intelligently formulated natural supplement is now available online, without  the need for a trip all the way to Harley Street”  “So many factors – from stress to hormone imbalances, genetics to nutrition deficiencies – come into play with hair loss or out of condition hair. That’s why top Harley St hair doctor Sara G. Allison’s well edited formula for hair (and skin) with essential minerals, amino acids, probiotics, COQ10 and vital omegas, is 100% worth a try in our opinion" close-quote

Beauty Shortlist Editor, Fiona Klonarides.

open-quote I have always had a full head of thick hair, but due to the trials of life, I started to notice my hair was breaking and becoming thinner. I started taking Hair Today More Tomorrow® Minerals. My hair has now been restored to its former glory. I feel more confident and I know the best is yet to come! close-quote

Anthea Turner, Celebrity

open-quote I saw my hairdresser yesterday who said my hair has never been in better condition. Your product really works! close-quote

Sue Holderness, Celebrity

open-quote Non-natural blondes know it’s hard to achieve snap-resistant, lustrous locks post-bleach. So try Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote I had a recessed hairline on both sides. Now, it has been growing in non-stop over the last three to four months. I have baby hairs that pop up all over my head. I am so pleased with the growth and overall feeling and texture of my hair. This is one product I can say truly works! close-quote

Marie. California, USA

open-quote My skin pigment is a lot better, my skin glows and my hair is thicker thanks to these. close-quote

Karen. Ipswich, Suffolk

open-quote My hair was shedding on the carpet excessively. These have made a dramatic improvement. close-quote

Catherine. Windsor, Berkshire

open-quote An excellent product! I love how the condition of my skin is improving after just a month and how thick and shiny my hair looks. Thank you! close-quote

Angela. Richmond, Surrey

open-quote The number of grey hairs I found has dramatically reduced! close-quote

Jo Lovett. Gerard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire

open-quote I'm loving these! They are like magic and the only thing I have tried so far that has made a real difference to my hair. I have a lot more energy that lasts all day long and more mental clarity, too. No more tiredness or headaches. I feel more human now... close-quote

Tricia. London

open-quote I can't believe how much better I feel in such a short space of time! I'm so full of energy. In fact, I can't remember ever feeling this good!! Thank you again! close-quote

Michelle. Hampshire.

open-quote After my first month, I'm really pleased with these capsules!…It's like my hair is finally 'waking up'! close-quote

Patricia. Manchester

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