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Vitamin D Complex
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Vitamin D Complex


Research on vitamin D shows that it preserves and protects DNA changes, thereby helping cell growth and anti-ageing. Hair follicles do have vitamin D receptor sites and in Sara’s experience, she is finding a correlation with hair growth/loss and likes to monitor all her clients blood results and ‘prescribe’ an individual dosage of supplements as necessary.

Windows and sun screen, block the UVB rays necessary for vitamin D production, therefore, whenever possible, ensure 20 minutes of sun on bare skin between hours of 10am and 3pm  You may wish to put sun screen on your face though, just to help maintain your complexion.

If you are fortunate enough to have the time and money then winter holidays to escape to the sun nearer the equator or on your opposite hemisphere will be well worth it for your mind, body and hair!

Maybe not so much fun, as a winter sunny holiday, but significantly cheaper, Sara also highly recommends taking a vitamin D supplement, especially through the months of October until May (northern hemisphere). However, most supplements available are of poor quality and doses that are so low that they will not make much overall difference. They also typically come in tablet form which contain many harmful additives such as binders, fillers, colourings excipients, disintegrates and diluents. You also need to avoid povidone (PVP) cellulose and modified starches and sometimes all these detrimental additives can make up to 85% of the actual pill. Therefore always choose capsules rather than tablets as the latter come in an impenetrable shell which is harder to digest. The purer the ingredients the better your results. Which is why Sara not only uses capsules but pure and highest quality ingredients too.


Product Description

Sara created Hair Today More Tomorrow’s, Vitamin D Complex to not only include 4,000 i.u, but also vitamin K2 which is vital to combine with vitamin D  as this is important for directing your calcium into the right places and away from areas where it is damaging to have in excess i.e. your arteries. Additionally this product contains the most superior form K2 MK-7 which has an impressive half life of 72 hours compared with 1.5 hours in the most commonly used K2. Plus to all this Sara has also included a bioavailable form of Magnesium, zinc and K1 to all work in synergy.

‘Hair Today More Tomorrow, Vitamin D Complex is vital not only for you hair & skin, but for you whole mind and body too” This is perfect to take alongside her award winning Hair Today More Tomorrow, Multi & Omegas.

  • 3 months supply – 90 capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Kosher Certified
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