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7 Secrets to Stop Thinning Hair

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Want to speed up results, drastically increase your chances of success and all with loving care and value for money?

Then book a personalised one-to-one consultation to with Sara G. Allison and immediately start implementing her unique 5 Step Hair Growth Support System. You’ll also spend 1.5 hours with Sara herself. She will will look at your blood work, take photos, and you’ll walk away with a bespoke plan for your specific needs that will ensure you get the best care possible to restore your hair and confidence in the fastest time possible.


Your Consultation Journey only £555

Includes nationwide nurse home visit for blood tests valued at least £650 just for this service alone.

Preparation – With our unique preparation you will only require one consultation, which saves you both time and money. When you make your booking, we will conveniently send a nurse at your requested time to the comfort of your own home or office to take your blood for Sara’s confidential, extensive tests. Your sample will be sent to our Harley Street laboratory and fast tracked results within 48 hours so that Sara will have these ready for your consultation and you can then receive copies for yourself to keep. To make the best use of your time with Sara we also send you an extremely thorough questionnaire to complete and send back for her to study before your consultation.

Complete assessment – Included in your first consultation, this step lasts up to 45 minutes, this is a vital part of making your diagnosis and planning your individual treatment, therefore Sara ensures that she goes through this part of your journey with you in person and includes a strategic exploration of your history, with her special knowledgable interpretation Sara analyses your blood results, examines your hair and scalp and takes your photographs to aid with measurement of results.

Answers – Lasting up to 45 minutes, this will be the 2nd step of your first consultation. Answers to all your questions, face to face with Sara includes her interpretation of your blood results and gives copies for you to keep. Explanation and discussion of your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. Total consultation time with Sara on the day is 1.5 hours.

Bespoke Treatment Pack – Consisting of your customised treatment plan and extra information and advice to make your journey easy to understand, written by Sara she typically spends an hour and half to write your Treatment Plan and this emailed within 2 working days post consultation.

Implementation – We’ll give you long term caring support via email or telephone as you implement your simple, painless and discreet treatment plan. It will be easy to work into your daily routine and you’ll be able to start seeing results in yourself, your health and ultimately your hair. Due to the hair growth cycle, this takes the longest to see results therefore, you should allow up to 6 months to see an improvement.

 Follow Ups £297 includes blood tests. 

Interval is tailored to the individual, but usually required after six months. Follow up consultation duration 1 hour and includes measurement of results.

It is unusual for UK health insurance companies to cover hair loss, therefore clients usually would need to self fund, so we are delighted to be registered with WPA. 

Get started now, just complete your consultation request form at the top and specify your preferred time and place. 


open-quote I am a 54 year old female whose hair has been gradually thinning for many years. In April 2013, it started shedding a lot. My GP couldn’t offer a satisfactory diagnosis. I wasted too much time and money trying a number of alternative therapies, including acupuncture. Sara's background and experience, encouraged me to take the journey from Glasgow to Harley Street. Following the detailed advice and treatments offered by Sara, my hair started to regrow and the shedding significantly declined. Sara's shampoos and conditioner leave my scalp clear and my hair clean, soft and manageable. I have also been taking her Multi & Omegas and using the Rejuvenating Cream. I have noticed a big difference in the condition, appearance, and regrowth of my hair. My nails are in better condition and my skin is looking well-nourished. I also feel more energetic and people comment on how much younger I look! The face cream is absolutely divine to use and I love that is full of organic products. I plan to continue to use these products indefinitely. This treatment is an important investment in my physical and emotional health. close-quote

Jennifer. Glasgow, Scotland

open-quote Having suffered from hair loss and scalp issues for most of my life, and having consultations with dermatologists and trichologists in the USA and UK, I have to say that Sara is by far the best! She was so friendly and very accommodating. I felt relaxed and at ease. I was a little skeptical, but since I have been on this regime, my hair feels so much better! I noticed hairs sprouting through my patch of alopecia!! My energy levels seem to have increased, too. This is down to the supplements as I have not felt as good as this in a long time. Sara is a knowledgeable, approachable, sympathetic, and a fantastic trichologist. I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone with hair and scalp issues. close-quote

Meena. Windsor, Berkshire

open-quote I can't tell you how much better I feel thanks Sara! It's amazing to not be tired or depressed anymore. I'm feeling better in myself. Thank you so much. close-quote

David. Surrey

open-quote I feel much more positive about dealing with my hair problem now (and other issues). Thank you Sara for all your help, my hair has caused me so much anguish. I am glad that something is being done about it now and am feeling more positive about getting my hair and scalp sorted out. close-quote

Kim. Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

open-quote It seems as though I have suffered from dry scalp and hair loss all of my life. I have attended clinics and have tried numerous potions, shampoos, and treatments. At the age of 64, I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I would have no hair at all, until I found my "little miracle worker" Sara! After starting my treatment programme, my scalp immediately felt a lot healthier. Six months down the line, my scalp is completely clear and I actually have a head of hair! In fact, Sara says she doesn't want to see me anymore! Shame, because I shall miss our friendly little chats! All my friends just can't believe the difference Sara has made to my hair and scalp. I am a new woman! Thank you Sara so much for your kindness and professionalism in times of stress. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone who has issues with scalp and hair. close-quote

Wendy. Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

open-quote If it's not bad enough turning 40, it's even worse to start noticing that your hair is thinning. That was me, I had lost all my confidence and had nowhere to turn. I had been to several doctors and had different tests, but they just came back all clear. I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall until I found Sara. I also have OCD, which meant that I constantly checked and worried about my hair. After my first consultation with Sara, a huge weight had been lifted and, for the first time in ages, I could start to think about getting better. One year on and my hair looks thicker than ever and is in fantastic condition. Sara has always been there for reassurance. I have now turned a new chapter in my life and it's all thanks to Sara and her wonderful treatments. close-quote

Sharon. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

open-quote Sara really helped me after an episode of emotional trauma. She treated me with professionalism, sincerity, confidentiality, conviviality, and care. She was always hospitable and keen to resolve the difficulties I experienced. She conducted a number of assessment procedures in order to identify my particular hair condition, both to educate me and prescribe specific and appropriate treatments. Even after my formal appointments, she remains contactable, eager to dispense advice and guidance, and her support is still present. I am very grateful. close-quote

Laurence. Putney, London

open-quote I went to see Sara after discovering a small bald spot on my parting. She was kind and incredibly reassuring. I am very pleased to say all my hair has regrown and is now in better condition than ever before!!! And I know that Sara will always be available for advice if I need her. close-quote

Carley. Southampton, Hampshire

open-quote Sara's approach to my concerns was sensitive and understanding. Her advice was sound. At no time did she put pressure on me to follow a particular course of treatment or to invest in what may be an unproductive choice. Her approach is thoroughly professional. I feel that she has the interest of her clients at heart. The treatments that I have undertaken under Sara's guidance have been successful. Without doubt, she's improved my quality of life, and my self-confidence. I would recommend her services to anyone experiencing hair loss. close-quote

Margaret. Maidenhead, Berkshire

open-quote In 1997, I was shocked to find two large bald patches on the back of my head. The rest of my head had strong, fast growing hair, but these two patches were completely hairless. I was worried about this baldness, so I consulted my doctor who said it was a form of alopecia, and that not much could be done. It obviously wasn't a priority for him, so I just lived with it. It annoyed me to be called "Wiggy". I was a bit depressed and thought that I would have alopecia for the rest of my life. However, my wife recommended that I consult Sara. She came up with a personal programme for me. The bald patches disappeared within a few weeks! close-quote

William. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

open-quote I've had both scalp and hair disorders treated by Sara for several years. People often mention what a good condition my hair is in. I tell them it's because of Sara. close-quote

Caroline. Richmond, Surrey

open-quote At age 58, I started suffering from noticeable hair loss. I was worried that the stress would make it worse, so I decided to seek professional help. I contacted Sara. After starting my personal treatment plan, my hair has started growing back! Sara has been very helpful and I would recommend her to anyone who is worried about any issues to do with the condition of their hair or scalp. close-quote

Barbara. Twickenham, Middlesex

open-quote My hair was very thin and dry due to the PCOS syndrome and stress. Sara has a very good understanding of all these issues. Within a few weeks my hair started to rapidly improve and lost the frizzy halo that it had. My hair continued to become really thick and strong. Three years later, I again noticed that my hair was becoming really thin, dry and frizzy again. I asked Sara to help and my hair began to recover again and it started to become thick and glossy again. I would highly recommend Sara as a Trichologist. She intuitively diagnoses the root cause of my hair problems and also knows what to prescribe so that my hair has improved dramatically, each time. Then recently, a hairdresser left a colour on my hair for too long! As a result my hair went really thin and dry. I contacted Sara again who was so reassuring and compassionate to me that I had confidence that my hair would be back to its normal thickness and shine. It was after a week of using her supplements and products. I continue to call on Sara, and she always has the right advice plus a fantastic range of natural hair products, which work wonders! She is a genius and I feel very lucky to have her. close-quote

Karen. Winchester, Hampshire

open-quote My hair is good and strong and back to its former thickness. close-quote

Joyce. Twickenham

open-quote I can confidently say that Sara has already fixed the problem! Indeed after 1 year no dermatitis anymore and scalp in nice health! I am genuinely confident I do not need another visit, but definitely will continue up to buy your products. close-quote

Frederico. St Andrews, Scotland

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