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7 Secrets to Stop Thinning Hair

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5-Step Hair Growth Support System™


Hair Today More Tomorrow® is the first and only hair growth company with a unique 5-Step Hair Growth Support System™ that is proven to help thousands transform thinning hair into thick, luscious, shiny locks.

Praised by Celebrities, Marie Claire, Prima, The Times, The Telegraph, and more, all of our products and services have been carefully created by world-leading Harley Street Trichologist, Sara G. Allison, to reverse the effects of stress, poor nutrition, and ageing.

Unlike other products, Hair Today More Tomorrows’® are easy to implement, painless to use, and made from the finest ingredients in the world.

Whether you struggle with thinning hair, hair loss, or just want to improve the quality of your hair, we can help.

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open-quote A great product and one of the future beauty trends to look out for. close-quote

open-quote It's all you need. close-quote

open-quote Hair boosting nutritional supplements help with inside-out hair thickening. Great results with Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote When the balance of male / female hormones goes out of whack during menopause, try Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote I have always had a full head of thick hair, but due to the trials of life, I started to notice my hair was breaking and becoming thinner. I started taking Hair Today More Tomorrow® Minerals. My hair has now been restored to its former glory. I feel more confident and I know the best is yet to come! close-quote

Anthea Turner, Celebrity

open-quote I saw my hairdresser yesterday who said my hair has never been in better condition. Your product really works! close-quote

Sue Holderness, Celebrity

open-quote Non-natural blondes know it’s hard to achieve snap-resistant, lustrous locks post-bleach. So try Hair Today More Tomorrow®. close-quote

open-quote Health supplements are often the hardest awards entries to evaluate which is why we insist on a 6-month window for all our testing.  Not only did the judges see a difference in their hair strength, gloss factor and overall volume quite quickly, it was when (in some cases) their hairdressers remarked on how much healthier their hair looked, that it really sealed the deal” Judge’s comment - 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards “Really loved this supplement. Full of ingredients to nourish the hair and skin. The amazing thing for me, though, was that it left my hairdresser commenting on thick and healthy my hair was – it even fixed the broken hair I had had for years. Amazing.”  “People from all over the world come to see top London trichologist Sara G. Allison, so it’s great that her non-prescription, multi-pronged, intelligently formulated natural supplement is now available online, without  the need for a trip all the way to Harley Street”  “So many factors – from stress to hormone imbalances, genetics to nutrition deficiencies – come into play with hair loss or out of condition hair. That’s why top Harley St hair doctor Sara G. Allison’s well edited formula for hair (and skin) with essential minerals, amino acids, probiotics, COQ10 and vital omegas, is 100% worth a try in our opinion close-quote

Beauty Shortlist Editor, Fiona Klonarides.

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