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Hair Loss Journey Part two:

Hair Loss Journey  Part two:

By Maria Fernandez.

So, a new year and with it the challenge to keep eating healthily and maintain the practices to help my hair grow and keep myself nourished. Despite the house still not being finished and having to keep builders and electricians on speed-dial, I have started a year-long course to teach yoga. Why? Good question; well, since taking better care of myself I feel like I would like to combine a genuine interest in holistic practices with teaching others. I have been practicing daily yoga for a few months now and so the course seems like the logical next step. It’s one weekend a month for the rest of the year and quite intense but I feel up to the challenge (she says hopefully!). I’m still going through the peri-menopause and this now takes another form of making me wake at 5 am each day. However, to look on the bright side, now I can fit in the two-hours a day yoga practice that the course requires. By the evening, I am more than happy to sink into an Epsom salts bath, as recommended by Sara. These simple looking salts, which are easy to get hold of, are high in magnesium and this is one of the easiest ways to get a boost. They also help with chronic fatigue.

I’ve kept up with the combination of Hair Today More Tomorrow supplements initially prescribed by Sara and also her advice to eat organic red meat two or three times a week. I can see some baby hair regrowth around my temples but I am prepared for it to take up to six months, as Sara advised, so I try not to obsess over it and focus on other things. As ever, I’ve certainly got enough on my plate…speak soon.

Maria Fernandez



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