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Leading Harley Street Trichologist Launches New Vitamin D Complex

Leading Harley Street Trichologist Launches New Vitamin D Complex

A leading Harley Street Trichologist and founder of UK beauty brand has launched a brand new Vitamin D product to add to its award-winning product range.

In a bid to address the correlation between Vitamin D found in hair follicles and hair loss, Sara G Allison, founder of Hair Today More Tomorrow has designed this exclusive Vitamin D Complex to preserve and protect changes within DNA and assist in cell growth and anti-ageing. The product has been purposefully launched in preparation of the shortest day of the year (December 21st) for two reasons:

1. Due to lack of sunshine, people in the UK generally need a top of Vitamin D between the months of October – May.

2. The product is also good for immunology so will protect against catching the dreaded Christmas lurgy, which often people are susceptible to catch.

Sara G Allison, founder of Hair Today More Tomorrow, comments:

“Vitamin D is vital not only for your hair and skin, but for your whole body. There is a worldwide epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency due to more time being spent indoors, less time exposed to unhindered UVB sun rays and poor diets.

“To compensate for the lower quality of sunshine in winter months, it’s important those living in European and North American latitudes increase their Vitamin D levels with supplementation which is why I created this Complex. “ According to the National Health Service, Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. A lack of it can lead to bone pain and tenderness as a result of a condition called osteomalacia in adults. This brand-new, vegetarian-friendly Vitamin D Complex includes 4,000 i.u. and the most superior MK-7 form of Vitamin K2, which is vital to include for directing calcium levels into the right places and away from areas where it is damaging to have excess i.e. your arteries. In addition the product contains highly bioavailable forms of vitamin K1, Magnesium and Zinc to all work in synergy and assist with not only hair but an individual’s overall health and happiness too.

“Most supplements available on the high street are, unfortunately, of poor quality and doses and will not make an overall difference. They also typically come in tablet form, which contain harmful additives such as binders, fillers, colourings excipients, disintegrates and diluents – and can sometimes make up 85% of the actual pill. All my formulas come in capsules as these are easily digested and contain purer, better quality ingredients leading to better results.

Hair Today More Tomorrow’s Vitamin D Complex officially launched 5th December 2016 and is available for £29 for 90 capsules (three month’s supply) via the product store:

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